Featured Film


This is a reel of clips from films which George Stoney collaborated with many people to make. It was assembled by Mike Hazard.

Featured Film

Race or Reason: The Bellport Dilemma

The documentary demonstrates that media is an effective tool for facilitating conflict resolution, while acknowledging that the struggle for Civil Rights continues.

“If you get involved in the community when growing up, and adults listen, you’ll feel empowered and never forget it.” – Betty Puleston

About the Site

We hope this website is useful for reference and education and to continue sharing the legacy of George and his collaborators. A majority of George C. Stoney’s archive is currently housed at the UNC Chapel Hill library. Much of the material has not yet been digitized or organized and this project undertakes to gradually build this website by adding archival materials, links to films available online, academic resources and references to create a complete point of reference for George’s works.